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The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2003-04.  MG university affiliation was granted for BCA programme with complementary subjects Mathematics and Statistics and common course as English.  The first batch of students graduated in the year 2007. BCA is a technical degree which prepares students for careers in the field of computer applications and software development.


To create employable, value instilled IT professionals who can contribute positively to the overall development of the nation.


  • To prepare highly skilled and competent I.T. professionals through quality lectures, guidance, and industry associations.
  • Train students of all ability levels to effectively apply skills in computer science to take up real-world challenges
  • We strive to develop disciplined, honest and responsible individuals who can work wisely to serve the country.

Programs offered

Bachelor of Computer Applications ( BCA)


The revised syllabus for Computer Application provides a strong foundation to pursue post graduation programme in computer science / applications. The knowledge acquired by the students may also equip them to meet the industrial need, and get placed.

 Programme Objective

The Programme in Computer Application is designed with the following specific objectives.

  • To attract young minds to the potentially rich & employable field of computer applications.
  • To be a foundation graduate programme which will act as a feeder course for higher studies in the area of Computer Science/Applications.
  • To develop skills in software development so as to enable the graduates to take up self-employment in Indian & global software market.
  • To Train & Equip the students to meet the requirement of the Industrial standards.

Course Design

The UG programme in Computer Applications includes Common courses, Core courses, Complementary courses, Open courses, Seminar, Project and viva voce. No course shall carry more than four credits. The student shall select any one open course in semester V offered by various departments of the College.

Duration of Course

The programme shall normally extend over a period of three academic years consisting of six semesters.

Eligibility for admission

The eligibility for admission to BCA Degree Programme under the Mahatma Gandhi University is a pass in Pre-degree, Plus Two or equivalent examinations in science stream with Mathematics/Computer Science/Informatics Practices as a compulsory subject.


Consolidated Scheme – I to VI Semesters of BCA Sem

Semester I

English-I - Common
Mathematics - Complementary
Basic Statistics - Complementary
CA1CRT01 -Computer Fundamentals and Digital Principles- Core
CA1CRT02-Methodology of Programming and C Language- Core
CA1CRP01-Software Lab I (Core)

Semester II

English-II - Common
Discrete Mathematics- Complementary
CA2CRT03 -Data Base Management Systems- Core
CA2CRT04-Computer Organization and Architecture- Core
CA2CRT05-Object oriented programming using C++ -Core
CA2CRP02-Software Lab- II -Core
Advanced Statistical Methods- Complementary
CA3CRT06-Computer Graphics -Core
CA3CRT07-Microprocessor and PC Hardware -Core
CA3CRT08-Operating Systems -Core
CA3CRT09-Data Structure using C++ -Core
CA3CRP03-Software Lab III -Core

Semester IV

Operational Research -Complementary
CA4CRT10-Design and Analysis of Algorithms- Core
CA4CRT11- System Analysis & Software Engineering -Core
CA4CRT12-Linux Administration -Core
CA4CRT13-Web Programming using PHP -Core
CA4CRP04-Software Lab IV -Core

Semster V

CA5CRT14-Computer Networks -Core
CA5CRT15-IT and Environment -Core
CA5CRT16-Java Programming using Linux -Core
CA5OPT-- Open Course -Core
CA5CRP05 -Software Lab V- Core
CA5CRP06-Software Development Lab I (Mini Project in PHP) -Core

Semester VI

CA6CRT17 -Cloud Computing -Core
CA6CRT18 -Mobile Application development- Android -Core
CA6PET-- -Elective -Core
CA6CRP07 –Software Lab VI & Seminar -Core
Open Course(OP) : CA5OPT01 : Informatics and Cyber Ethics, CA5OPT02 : Computer Fundamentals, Internet & MS Office.
Electives (PE) : CA6PET01: Data Mining, CA6PET02: Digital Image Processing, CA6PET03: Soft Computing

Add on Course: Python Programming

The department offers add-on course to bridge the gap between industry demands and academic syllabus. The college has enrolled for IIT Spoken tutorial program with IIT, Mumbai for the academic year 2020-21. This program trains students on free open source software.


No. Name Qualification Experience
1 Smt. Nisha Sanjay MCA, M.Phil   [HOD] 14 yrs
2 Smt. Sharmila Francis MCA 12 yrs
3 Smt. Ranimol.V.G MCA 12 yrs
4 Smt. Andal V MCA, M.Phil 21 yrs
5 Sri. Vishnu Mohanan MCA 2 yrs
6 Smt. Remilda Rajan M.Tech. 2 yrs


  • Wi-Fi enabled fully furnished lab
  • Class rooms equipped with overhead projectors and system units
  • Online sessions through Microsoft teams


Department organizes workshops and seminars/webinars on latest technologies. We also host intercollegiate IT fests and inter department and intra department competitions.

Placement Achievements

Our students have secured excellent placements in MNCs like TCS, Wipro Technologies, Infosys, Deloitte, Yodlee, Cognizant and Sutherland.

List of BCA students placed in the year 2021
SlNo Name of the student Name of the Company
1. Aswathy Muraleedharan Deloitte USI, Wipro technologies, Yodlee
2. Nandhu Raj Deloitte
3. Nazarin  S Deloitte USI
4. Durgha Jayssel Deloitte USI
5. Aakash Thomas Delotte USI
6. Nibin Job Wipro Technologies, Sutherland
7. Ajay Kumar A Wipro Technologies
8. Ren Joseph Wipro Technologies, Sutherland, Cognizant
9. Anjali S Pai Wipro Technologies, Sutherland (Non-voice)
10. Vishnu  T Sunil Wipro Technologies, Sutherland (Non-voice)
11. Anitta George Sutherland
12. Kevin Saji Sutherland
13. Jagath M M Wipro, Sutherland
14. Milan Rajesh Sutherland
15. Vivek S Nair Sutherland, Infosys
16. Adarsh Vinod Sutherland (Non-voice)
17. Antonio Nivil Sutherland (Non-voice)
18. Govind P Sutherland (Non-voice)
19. Ivin T P Sutherland (Non-voice)
20. Kevin Paul Sutherland (Non-voice)
21. Mary Sandra K M Sutherland (Non-voice)
22. A.Navaneeth Prabhu Sutherland (Non-voice)
23. Renchu Laji Sutherland (Non-voice)
24. Sebin Varghese Sutherland (Non-voice)
25. Treesa Geethu Sutherland (Non-voice)
26. Vishnudas A. V Sutherland (Non-voice)
List of BCA students placed in the year 2020
  Name of the Student Name of the Company
1  Arathi Balakrishnan Deloitte
2 U.T Lintu Deloitte
3 Akshay Manoj TCS
4 Aiswarya Raj TCS
5 Akhil K Thomas TCS
6 Harikishnan K N TCS
7 Vishnu C S TCS
8 Treesa Mary TCS
9 Shefana A S TCS
10 Akshay Manoj Yodlee
11 Durga Lakshmi G Yodlee
12 S. Narasimha Prabhu Yodlee
13 Abel Kooran Sojan Infosys
14 Adarsh V Infosys
15 Aditya Anil Infosys
16  Ajay Peter Infosys
17 Arathi Balakrishnan Infosys
18 Aswin V S Infosys
19 Athish Jobin nan RK A Infosys
20 Christy K Terence Infosys
21 Essaky Muthu R Infosys
22 G Gopikrishnan Infosys
23 Halin Manoj Infosys
24 Lidhiya Antony Infosys
25 Nikhil Vas Infosys
26 Oshin Antony Infosys
27 P Y Syed Mohammed Azhar Infosys
28  S Narasimha Prabhu Infosys
29  Subhalakshmi Infosys
30 Ashwin Narayanan Sutherland
31 Abin Tomy Sutherland
32 Arun S Menon Sutherland
33 Sijo Zacharia Sutherland
34 Sheen J mary Sutherland
35 Nevil A J Sutherland
36 Nanda Kishore Sutherland
37 Zephania Rose M Sutherland
38 Ramzia Majeed Sutherland
39 Rahul R Sutherland
40 Sreyas K S Sutherland
41 Sivakumar B Menon Sutherland
42 Saad Bin Shaheen Sutherland
43 Shalini Saleendran Sutherland
44 Lubabath P  U Sutherland
45 Anu Madhav Sutherland
46 Aneena  Jose Sutherland
47 Sona Joseph Wipro
48 Subhalakshmi Wipro
49 Abel Kooran Sojan Wipro
50 Nikhiya Santhosh Wipro
51 Arathi Balakrishnan Cognizant
52 Ajay Peter Cognizant
53 G Gopikrishnan Cognizant
54 Nithya Joshy Cognizant
55 Nikhil Vas Cognizant
56 Treesa Mary Cognizant
57 U T Lintu Cognizant
58 Zephaniya Rose M Cognizant
Total number of students placed :47

  Activities in the year 2020 Date Dept Program Participants  
1   16 July 2020 Computer Application A webinar on Leadership practices  by Mr Cyril Jose, Assistant Vice President--Training, Federal Bank   All BCA students
2 18 July 2020   Computer Application A webinar onAI and Neural Networks by Dr MV Rajesh, Assistant professor, Dept of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Govt  Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara All BCA students
3 17 November 2020 Computer Application Talk on Frameworks in IT (online session)by Ms Sneha Annie John, Project Head, Exploric Solutions Final years
4 24 November 2020   Computer Application Webinar on Latest trends in IT by Ms Jaya Sudha Mohan, Cognitz Infotech Final years
5 28 November 2020 Computer Application A webinar on Foundation Of AI--An orientation Program for first years by Logic Bangalore All BCA students
6 19/01/2021 Computer Application IBM Badge Orientation program (online)by Educkshetra. Roshini, Director -Educ kshetra and Mr Sreejith,Microsoft certified educator and trainer handled the session.   All BCA students
7 20/01/2021 Computer Application Orientation program(online) by Ms Vinitha Jayan First year BCA students
8 9/02/2021 Computer Application Webinar on Digital Marketing: Present and Future, by Mr Jitto Jose, CEO and Founder of Internet Leads Training All BCA students
10 18/03/2021 Computer Application Workshop on Aptitude training (offline mode) by Mr Krishna Swamy, Director of Konfidence(IIMK Alumni) Second year BCA students
12 27/03/2021, 28/03/2021and 3/04/2021, 4/04/2021 Computer Application  Online Live class(total of 12 hours) on Cyber security and Ethical hacking by E-cell( IIT Kharagpur event) in association with First year and Second year students
13 07/04/2021 Computer Application Felicitation ceremony(offline mode) Final year students
  Activity Report, 2019—2020  
  1. Hands on Workshop on Python Programming
A 2 day hands-on workshop on Python was organized in our college on18/01/2019 and 19/01/2019 in our college. The resource person was Dr Jeeva Jose, well known educationalist and software trainer. Faculties and students from our college and other colleges attended this workshop.
  1. Seminar on Digital Marketing
A seminar on digital marketing was organized in our college on 11th June 2019. The facilitator of the seminar  was Mr.Pratheesh Prabhakar, a specialist in digital marketing . This seminar focused on introduction to digital marketing, the basics and some of its key features. The 2nd year and 3rd year students along with the teachers took part in the seminar.
  1. Aptitude Training
One day training session on Aptitude based problem solving skills class was organized on 27 June 2019 in the college for the 3rd year BCA students. The facilitator for the class was Prince Manu Baby, a very reputed developer and trainer working at Konfidence.
  1. Digital Marketing Workshop
A one day workshop on digital marketing was organised in our college on 04/07/2019 by Mr Pratheesh Prabhakar. Topics like Facebook ads and how we can set up an ad on Facebook were discussed in the workshop
  1. Personality Development Class
A personality development class was organized in the college for 3rd year BCA students on 8th July 2019. The facilitator for the day was Dr. Shailaja Menon who was also the former HOD of the Management Department.
  1. Video Conference on Software Testing
A video conference was organized in our college on 10th July 2019. The resource person was our Alumni Mr Aadith K B, currently working in New Zealand in a very reputed company as a software tester.
  1. Seminar on Trending Programming Languages
A seminar was conducted in our college on the latest programming languages on 02/08/2019. It was engaged by a team from Cogniz Info.
  1. Seminar on Machine Learning,

PHP framework-Codeignitor and Android development

A session on latest technologies which are used in the IT industry, was organised by the college on 16th August 2019. All the students of the BCA department participated for the same. The facilitator for the program was Mr. Jilson Saji, Projecr Head, Cogniz Info who is also a software developer and a trainer.

Computer Application Department Teachers

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