This is one of the most active departments in the college. The department is devoted in providing high quality fitness training to the students. By training the students in various sports and games, the department helps them to keep up a positive vibe throughout the campus. Along with imparting strict training sessions to the talented students, the department takes care to instruct sportsmanship, fairness, honesty, leadership quality and a positive attitude. The sportsmen of this department are always eager in maintaining an energetic environment in the campus by voluntarily helping out students in their fitness regime. The department has produced international level sportsmen especially so, in the field of diverse martial arts. This department strives to bring multidisciplinary excellence in the student so that they become capable of getting placed in high profile jobs. The department has always stood with the students to help them spread their wings and fly high to success. We have very competent team of football, basketball, cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and Fencing team of students at our college.

Physiacal Education Department Teachers

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